Coconut Breakfast Porridge

Try this warm and cosy breakfast recipe with our quinoa flakes.

INGREDIENTS: 20g quinoa flakes 20g oat flakes 1/2 banana, chopped 10g sultanas A pinch of cinnamon 50ml coconut milk  METHOD:


Quinoa chocolate cake

This is a great recipe for the quinoa flour that you’re just made, and I have to say that it’s my favourite quinoa cake recipe. Be sure to check that all added ingredients are also gluten free. One of the key things to remember when baking with…

Quinoa flour

One of the wonders of quinoa is that it can be ground into a flour and used to create a range of gluten free cakes. We’re currently working to develop our retail packets of British quinoa flour, but until then you can make it just as easily at…

Quinoa, avocado and pomegranate salad

My favourite recipe, and one that we prepared for Countryfile’s visit in the Summer of 2014. This recipe can be used as a light and healthy lunch, or even as a side dish to add a punch of flavour to a dinner party or summer barbecue.

How to cook quinoa

So in it’s simplest form, how do you cook quinoa? We’ll it’s actually incredibly easy and very similar to cooking rice. Follow our guide for perfectly cooked and great tasting quinoa grains… its so easy!