Field of quinoa

Growing Quinoa

The production cycle

We’ve spent years perfecting our quinoa growing technique. Quinoa is not an easy crop to grow, requiring full attention to detail to ensure that the crop is healthy and will eventually produce a harvestable crop. Our production cycle runs from Spring to Autumn, where it is quality checked at all stages, to allow for a healthy, delicious grain.

Handful of quinoa
Stephen holding a grain of quinoa

Grow with us

We are the UK’s largest quinoa producer, supplying supermarkets and food manufacturers alike with our British grown quinoa grains. We grow as much quinoa as we can on our family farm in Shropshire, but as we’ve expanded, we’ve taken on additional quinoa growers from across the UK to help meet demand.

If you’re a conventional or organic grower and are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

Who we work with

We’re proud to work in partnership with some of Britain’s leading food retailers

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