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About Us

As a 6th generation farmer, Stephen has built the British Quinoa Company on the family farm that his grandparents started farming on, over 80 years ago. It took many field experiments to teach us how to successfully establish a crop, control weeds and harvest a high-quality product but with perseverance, we can now call ourselves Britain’s quinoa experts.

Our Story

Back in 2006, Stephen read an article about the fantastic nutritional properties of quinoa and it got him thinking – wouldn’t it be great if we could produce British grown quinoa on the family farm? And so, the experiment began!

We conducted several (sadly unsuccessful) trials before our breakthrough came. In the initial trials, the seeds failed to germinate and couldn’t reach maturity in the cool UK climate. We tested other quinoa varieties and found the plants grew well, but the quality of the harvested seed was not suitable for consumption.

Stephen in a field of quinoa
Field of quinoa

Finding the

Our breakthrough came when we trialled some new quinoa varieties that had been bred for our European climate. The new varieties produced a high-quality quinoa sample with nice big white grains, and they successfully matured, allowing us to mechanically harvest the crop with our combine. We now hold the exclusive UK licence to these new quinoa varieties and have built our business up around them.

We care for the environment

We aim to leave valuable habitats untouched while striving to create new areas for wildlife to thrive. We see a panoply of different insects living within the crop, drawn by the fleshy nature of the leaves. One of the key things we can do to assist biodiversity is to provide a wide range of habitats, and quinoa fits in nicely with other major agricultural crops such as wheat, barley and oilseed rape, helping to make the landscape just that little bit different.

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