What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is often hailed as the 21st-century superfood

Packed with flavour, nutrition and fibre, our high-quality quinoa grains make a great, healthy alternative to rice and couscous and can be used in an array of different recipes.

When imported, quinoa can lose a lot of its nutritional value, which is why we’re proud to offer delicious British farmed grains that pack a bigger punch of nutrition in each mouthful.

British vs
Imported Quinoa

The seeds planted in Peru & Bolivia are best suited to the Andean region, our European varieties are bred to thrive in a more temperate climate, where they can grow and mature at their own pace during our summer months.

Most quinoa, grown in the major quinoa producing areas of the world will naturally have a bitter coating on called saponins. This must be removed from the grain to make it edible, meaning the outer part of the quinoa seed is rubbed to take off the saponin coating. This leads to the removal of the bran from the outer part of the seed, which is where most of the nutrients are held – meaning the process removes a lot of the nutrition.

Why we’re different

Our quinoa crop is grown on a far higher plant density to ensure we’re sufficiently able to cope with weed competition. The varieties of quinoa that we grow in the UK, don’t contain the saponin coating, meaning there’s no need to remove the bran from our grains. Our quinoa retains the highly nutritious outer layer making it one of the most nutritious in the world with a much deeper and richer flavour.

Our exclusive breeding programme is very important to the ongoing development of British quinoa, with new varieties producing bigger and brighter grains just around the corner.

Seeds in hand


We don’t use any pesticides to grow our quinoa crops

Field harvest


We simply harvest and remove impurities – then the seeds are ready to be cooked



Our grains are packed with nutrients and are rich in flavour

Who we work with

We’re proud to work in partnership with some of Britain’s leading food retailers

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