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British Quinoa Puffs

Our light and fluffy quinoa puffs are ready to eat, perfect for adding into products where no further cooking is essential.

Created by applying heat and pressure to our grains, this causes the air inside to expand rapidly and ‘puff’ the grain. We utilise a modern BRC accredited facility to create this product.

Gluten-free Gluten-free
Lactose-free Lactose-free
Suitablility Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
Quinoa Puffs

Chocolate & Orange Quinoa Porridge

What more could you want in a breakfast, chocolate, quinoa and feeling full all morning long.

This wonderful recipe is from Oats Mugi over on Instagram – thank you very much for sharing the recipe with…

Quinoa Baked Oats

Grab yourself a cuppa with this next recipe because these quinoa baked oats are to die for… thanks again, Lucy! 

You can find Lucy over here: (Twitter: @lucymuz_     Instagram @puredelicious_   …

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