Peruvian Black Quinoa

Similar to the red quinoa, our black quinoa is great for blending with other grains for creating an interesting visual effect.

Peruvian Red Quinoa

Perfect for adding colour and contrast to grain mixes, these red quinoa grains can be easily blended to create a speckled effect.

Cooked Quinoa

Cooked and ready for inclusion into prepared salad ranges, the perfect alternative to rice, couscous and pasta.

British Quinoa Puffs

Our light and fluffy quinoa puffs are ready to eat, perfect for adding into products where no further cooking is essential.

British Quinoa Flour

Our quinoa flour is suitable for use within a wide range of baked and extruded goods, being gluten free and with a light neutral flavour.

British Quinoa Flakes

Our quinoa flakes are an excellent choice for inclusion within a wide range of baked goods. They are perfect for appealing to the health-conscious consumer, and work well partnered with oats.

British Smoked Quinoa

These grains have been traditionally wood smoked, providing a distinctive flavour that’s perfect for use within prepared salads, especially to complement Mexican and Moroccan flavours.

British Organic Quinoa

Our organic white quinoa is perfect for use in ambient grain ranges and further processing, where a truly sustainable product is essential.

British White Quinoa

Our white quinoa is a staple in both salad and ambient grain ranges, where it is often used for the grains excellent nutritional value and unique texture.