Other Grains

Piro® Red Wheat Flakes

Our Piro® red wheat has a beautiful deep red seed coat, which when flaked produces a mottled pattern, contrasting with the pale white endosperm within. This is well suited to…

Piro® Red Wheat

This red coloured wheat has been specifically developed to create a distinctive red coloured grain, where visual appeal is the primary goal. It is distinctly different from other types of…

Musu® Black Barley Flakes

Our Musu® black barley flakes are a beautiful addition to granolas, muesli, cereal bars and some pudding lines, where the striped flake provides a striking visual contrast.

Musu® Black Barley

Musu® black barley grain is a delicious ancient cereal with small dark purply black coloured kernels which retain their colour upon cooking. The colour comes from its high concentration within…

Buckwheat (Hulled)

Our hulled buckwheat grains are a popular ingredient for adding to a range of prepared salads or used as a flour to make buckwheat pancakes.

Marrowfat Peas

Our British-grown marrowfat peas have a myriad of uses, from making mushy peas to being used for soups and snacks. This pea is incredibly versatile and the UK is regarded as one of the top producers.

Green Split Peas

Our British-grown green split peas are commonly used for soups and casseroles and dhals. High in protein and fibre and low in fat, there is no need to soak prior to cooking.

Red Split Lentils

This is the most common lentil and are commonly used in Indian cookery. These lentils disintegrate when cooked and form a thick and rich texture, perfect for dhals.

Dark Green Speckled Lentils

The most attractive lentil with green and blue marbling, often referred to ‘Puy-type’ lentils. This is the most premium lentil and is a great addition to hot and cold salad dishes as well as in soups and casseroles.

Large Green Lentils

High in protein and able to retain its shape after cooking, our green lentils are perfect for adding to salads, casseroles, moussaka and bakes as examples.

Black Rice

A deeper hue of colour than red rice, our black rice is a premium grain which can be used on its own of mixed with other coloured rices.

Red Rice

Perfect for adding colour and giving a premium feel, red rice can provide an excellent contrast to other ingredients.