Joining the Vegetarian Society

We are pleased to announce we are now fully approved members of the Vegetarian Society! Having recently met their team at The Food & Drink Expo, we learnt much more about how they work to support people in embracing a vegetarian diet and lifestyle.

Maintaining a healthy vegetarian lifestyle isn’t so easy and telling if certain foods are made with animal products or not can be difficult, as well as time consuming. Helpfully, the Vegetarian Society Trademark logo on packaging confirms instantly if the product is wholly suitable for vegetarians. As well as this, the Society offers many forms of help, such as free recipe information, operating a vegetarian cookery school, and running campaigns such as National Vegetarian Week.

We believe joining the Society is a great fit for our dried quinoa grains, giving 100% clarity to our customers whilst also having our approved products appearing out and about at events with the Vegetarian Society team. Quinoa is obviously a vital part of many vegetarian diets, providing an important source of protein & essential amino acids within meals.

Keep a close eye out for our new packs & products being released later this year with the Vegetarian Society stamp of approval!