M&S Double Whammy!

Wow, what a double whammy! Marks and Spencer is regarded as being one of the highest quality food retailers, so we were delighted to get the chance to supply two of their new product lines. We’ve had this secret lined up for a while now, so it’s great to finally see our little British grains popping up on M&S shelves across the country. We’re supplying our British white grain and our extra special toasted grain for their dried quinoa range, packed into 300g bags perfect to buy as a kitchen cupboard staple.

Last summer we had the M&S team join us in Bedfordshire to look at quinoa crops at their peak just before harvest time. It was a great opportunity to explain what goes into growing a perfect British quinoa crop, and they were very interested in the differences between British grown & South American grown quinoa. When we all taste tested some of our toasted grain it was a big hit – the richer flavour & nuttier texture obviously must have gone down very well!

We will continue to work hard keeping M&S stocked with the highest quality grains, as well as working on all our other latest projects this year. With our own new dried quinoa range having just released, we’ve plenty to keep busy with until we begin planning for this Spring’s plantings. Bye for now!