BBC Harvest 2015

It’s an exciting night tonight! Harvest 2015 is finally going out this evening…. for which we filmed several times during the summer. We were first contacted by the BBC in Summer 2014, as they were looking to see if they could create enough content to have a new series of Harvest commissioned. I had assumed that it may go no further, but in December of the same year we were visited by the producers for a rekkie, to discuss what content we could film for a piece within the programme. We were visited three times during the summer to show the crop at different stages, and on our final visit in July we had presenter James Manning come along to see what we were doing first hand. Now Harvest 2015 is James’s first outing as a presenter, and I was excited to work with him in such an early stage of his presenting career, but he handled my slip ups and slured words like a pro and just started another take. James is already well used to seeing a farm in action as he is a farmer himself, so the questions came naturally and he clearly has a huge passion for all things farming related. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the finished programme turns out, and please do drop me a line if you have any questions about growing quinoa in the UK.

With filming for BBC Harvest complete, we motored on with the remainder of our harvest, bringing in around 200 tonnes of quinoa on our own farm and an additional 500 tonnes from our other growers across the UK…. our biggest harvest yet! This includes around 30 tonnes of organic quinoa, our first ever organic crop. We were also visited again by another film crew, this time from Pret, to show off the crops that we are growing for them. It was a bit of a fancy production, with lots of retakes to piece together the story of how we produce our quinoa. I’ll add the completed video to the website soon, or you could head on over to the Pret Facebook page to see it.

So whats coming next for us? Well we’ll be starting to clean this years quinoa crop in early November, to get it ready for going into the shops. I’m super excited about this, with several new outlets starting to take our product…. more details coming soon!